Morecambe Rifle and Pistol Club are open on Monday evenings for Air Rifle / Pistol shooting. If you are not a probationary member or full club member and you are currently going through the initial visit stage, then you MUST produce your WHITE visit card to the range officer in charge. If you do not bring your card you will NOT be allowed to shoot on the night.

This is the busiest evening for the club, with both ranges often running at maximum capacity.

NOTICE TO MEMBERS:   Please do not invite your friends to come along to the club without them first contacting the club secretary. This is a Home Office requirement, not a club rule and as such is non negotiable.

All types of non FAC air rifles & pistols ( not exceeding the UK power limit of 12 ft-lb for rifles or 6 ft-lb for pistols) from CO2 powered replica pistols through to sporting rifles and precision target rifles are used on this evening.   Minimum age for joining the air gunners is 14 years old.

Many new members initially start as air gunners, though there is no requirement to do so and we would encourage members to also try firearms on alternative club evenings before deciding which way they wish to proceed.   There is an age limit on the use of firearms at the club of 16 years.

NOTE:      We can now offer an in-house facility for recharging of rifle air cylinders / reservoirs in return for a small fee.   You are strongly advised to bring your rifles specific charging adaptor with you if you wish to use this service.