Club Rules & Constitution

1. Title of the Club shall be ‘Morecambe Rifle and Pistol Club’,

2. The object of the Club shall be to encourage skill in Rifle and Pistol shooting by providing instruction and practice in the use of rifle and pistol to any of Her Majesty’s subjects so that they will be better fitted to serve their country in the Armed Forces, Territorial Army or in any other organisation in which their services may be required in the defence of the realm in times of peril.

3. The Management of the Club shall be vested in a Chairman and a Committee of ten as well as ex-officio members. Five shall form a quorum. The officers shall be elected from the members of the Club at its Annual General Meeting, retiring members being eligible for re-election. Of the Committee five out of ten members shall be eligible for re-election annually. No member of the Committee shall serve longer than two years without coming up for re-election. Committee members shall be selected in equal numbers from Rifle and Pistol sections of the Club.

3a. The Honorary Secretary, for the time being, the Hon.Treasurer, for the time being, and two other officers, for the time being, or two other members of the Committee, for the time being, a total of four, shall be the Trustees of the Club and shall, as such, sign any legal document on behalf of the Club where the designation ‘Trustee’ is required and where it is in the interests of the Club, as understood at the time, so to do.

3b. The members of the Club shall, individually and collectively, indemnify in equal shares the Management and Trustees of the Club against all Actions, Claims, Costs and Demands which may be made against them whilst they are acting in their official capacities for or on behalf of the Club.

4. A President shall be elected by the members at the A.G.M. of the Club, retiring Presidents being eligible for re-election. Vice-Presidents may be elected at the A.G.M. or by the Committee at its discretion and shall be eligible for re-election annually.

5. An Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Auditor and an Hon. Statistics Officer shall be elected from the Members annually, retiring Members being eligible for re-election.

6. The Committee shall have power to fill any vacancy during the current year and to form subcommittees as may be desired. Such subcommittees should report their acts promptly and fully to the Management Committee.

7. The Chairman, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Auditor shall be ex-officio members of all Committees with full voting powers.

8. Application for Membership shall be made on a Membership Application Form of a type approved by the Committee. All applications shall come before the Committee of the Club and shall be approved or rejected at the discretion of the Committee.

8a. Junior Membership of the Morecambe Rifle and Pistol Club shall be available to suitable candidates up to the age of 18. Junior Membership shall expire at the 31st July following the date at which the Junior Member reaches the age of 18 years. At the discretion of the Committee such Junior Members may be admitted to Membership in due course. Junior Members shall have no voting powers in the conduct of the affairs of the Club nor shall they be eligible for election to the Committee or to become Officers of the Club. Junior Members shall be admitted to that category of membership on payment of such fees and annual subscription as shall be decided from time to time by the Club members in general Meeting.

8b. All Visitors and/or Guests to activities conducted by the Morecambe Rifle and Pistol Club shall enter their names and addresses in the Register Book which shall be provided and shall also pay the appropriate fee. The amount of the fee may be varied or waived from time to time at the discretion of the Committee or of an Officer of the Club.

8c. In addition to the requirements concerning Club Membership which are imposed by the Club, all grades of membership shall also be compliant with the requirements specified by the Home Office relating to Home Office approval of this Club taking cognizance of any exemptions that may be granted to the Club and which may be applicable.

9. The Annual Subscription and/or any other fees relating to Membership shall be decided each year at the A.G.M. The Annual Subscription shall fall due to be paid on the 1st August each year.

9a. Applicants becoming accepted to Membership of the Club in the period 1st February to 31st July in each year shall forthwith pay one half of the Annual Subscription as established for that year together with the whole of any other fee or levy due to be paid by Members of the Club in that year. In addition, the new members shall pay any fee previously approved by the Club Members at a General Meeting.

9b. Should the Club Members decide, at an Annual General Meeting, to change the amount of the Annual Subscription or any other fee due to be paid by the Members, any increase in the amounts due to be paid shall be paid by the Members within the 28 days following the A.G.M.

9c. Should a Member’s Annual Subscription and/or any other fees be in arrears at the end of the 28 days period following the relevant A.G.M. as described in Rule 9b above, then the Membership and Annual Subscription and all other fees previously paid to the Club shall be forfeited.

9d. In the circumstances of Rule 9c where Membership is forfeited, reinstatement of Membership may be applied for and may be granted or rejected at the discretion of the Committee.

9e. No Member of the Club whose Annual Subscription and/or other fees are in arrears may compete for any Club Prize or enter any Club Competition or vote at any meeting of the Club. Any Member whose Annual Subscription has not been paid by 30th September in any year shall cease to exercise the privileges of Membership and his/her name may be erased from the books of the Club but may be replaced on the Books at the discretion of the Committee on payment of arrears.

10. All monies received on behalf of the Club shall forthwith be paid into the MRPC Club account at a Bank, Building Society or similar institution which the Committee, in their sole discretion, may consider suitable. Cheques and withdrawals shall have two signatures, those being authorised to sign being the Chairman, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary.

11. A Minute Book shall be kept by the Hon. Secretary and in it shall be recorded all resolutions of General Meetings and of the Committee. The Committee shall meet at least once in every month to conduct the affairs of the Club.

12. All monies received in entrance fees, subscriptions and from the sale of ammunition shall go to the funds of the Club. The records of receipts and expenditure of the Club shall be audited each year by the Hon. Auditor who shall be appointed annually. He shall examine these with all bills and vouchers and give a true statement at the A.G.M.

13. Shooting practice shall be on such occasions as the Committee shalt decide, times and dates being notified to the members.

14. An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club may be called at any time, the requisition of such meetings to be signed by at least six Members of the Club.
Fourteen days notice of such meetings shall be given to the Hon. Secretary.

15. A Range Officer shall be appointed for each shooting session. It shall be a condition of Membership that each Member shall be willing to act as a Range Officer when called upon.
16. Captains of teams entered in Postal Matches shall be responsible for the shooting of and signing of Targets to be shot by their respective Members.

17. Any Member of the Team who is unable to shoot his/or Match Card by the due date shall notify his/her Team Captain so that a substitute may be selected to shoot the Card. A Member failing to do this may, at the discretion of the Committee, be dropped from the Team and a substitute appointed.

18. Selection of Teams shall be on the average system.

19. It is a condition of membership that each Member understands that No liability in respect of claims for compensation can be accepted by the Territorial Army Volunteer Reserve Association or the Ministry of Defence.

20. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held as soon as convenient after the 30th September each year and fourteen days’ notice of the Meeting shall be given by the Hon. Secretary to all Members.

21. If at any Meeting a resolution for the dissolution of the Club should be passed by a majority of the Members present, and such resolution shall be confirmed by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the Members present at a Special General Meeting held not less than one month thereafter, the whole of the property and assets of the Club shall not belong to the Members of the Club but shall be made over either to the Officers for the time being of the National Small Bore Rifle Association and the National Rifle Association to be applied by them either in developing the work of the Associations themselves or for the benefit of some such other Institution with objects similar to those of the Club as the Officers of the said Association may determine, or to any other Institution recognised by law as a Charity, which the Committee of the Club in its sole discretion may direct. In this clause and the interpretation thereof the word Member shall be restricted to fully paid-up Members aged 18 and over (at the full subscription rate) and shall not include: Members who have joined the Club for the first time during the three years immediately preceding the passing of the resolution for dissolution.

22. The Committee is empowered to form a Subcommittee from its Members with power to co-opt ordinary Members and should such co-opted ordinary Members thereby fill a vacancy on the Committee then the co-opted Member or Members shall be eligible for re-election to the Committee at the following A.G.M.

23. No alteration or amendment will be made to these rules which will cause the Club to cease to be a Charity in Law.

24. These Rules shall be printed and a copy of them presented to each Member of the Club.